Shirescot Scottish Terriers Gettysburg PennsylvaniaShirescot Scottish Terriers

As we both neared retirement from the U.S. Army, we spent several years searching for that “just right” spot for ourselves and our Scotties.  Luckily, we found it here, just a few miles west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Everyone who visits comments on the location and the views. Although we try to respect the wildlife in the area, the Scottie members of the family think they’re pesky pests and bark at everything that moves!

We haven’t been breeding for the entire time we’ve had our Scots.  We began breeding in the late 90’s, but because we were assigned to separate cities for a while we took a break until 2009.  After that, we decided to restart our kennel. We then sought out a friend who is a handler and asked him if he knew where we could find a good foundation Scottie.  He introduced us to Charla and Kari Hill (Charthill, Piedmont, SC).  They were (and are) wonderful and provided us with a beautiful Silver Brindle Girl (Jenny – GCH CH Charthill Worldly Ayre).  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Shirescot Jenny Scottish Terrier Bagpipes

At Shirescot, our Scotties are very important to us – everyone gets a lot of love and attention, sometimes more than they want (wiggle, wiggle off my lap).  Breeding isn’t just about putting two pretty dogs together and hoping you’ll get a good result.  It’s about understanding conformation, temperament, and finding the right boy for the right girl.  Being critical about areas you wish to improve to better match the Scottish Terrier Breed Standard can be the most difficult part as we all think our Scotties are already great.

Shirescot Scottish Terriers Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Our beautiful view from our home near Gettysburg. Our Scotties love it as much as we do.

The Shirescot Logo Scotties Dancing is used with permission from the artist, Minter Kemp.

AKC Scottish Terrier Breeder of Merit