2022 Update. We have 3 boys available to go to conformation show homes. They are all red brindles. They are out of Bizzy (CH CHARTHILL SHIRESCOT SHOW BIZ) and Bopper (GCHB CH MCVAN’S BIG BOPPER AT BEAMEUPS). I call the puppies the BizNBops 🙂

Current call names for these boys are:

Tank” (because he resembles a cement block). He is a wonderful boy, loves hugs and kisses (and animal crackers). He’s very blocky, cobby and has great shape. Tank is usually the first one to pick up because he (lovingly of course) knocks everyone out of the way. He’s “built” for show (and sound) and will be a great asset in a show home. I’ve always called him Tank, he was the biggest at birth and has stayed ahead of the others.

Mellow” (because I marked him with yellow after he was whelped so I knew who was who at a glance and I started calling him Mellow Yellow). He has a “beer foam” chin (every else calls this a milk chin — we’re different LOL) and a very small blaze on his chest. Mellow isn’t really all that mellow — it there’s an argument in their play area he’s usually the instigator. He is well “built” and ready for the show ring!

Fred” (I marked him with red after he was whelped so I knew who was who at a glance — and called him that until recently when I thought he should have a different name…and added the “F” in front of his name.) Fred is the most mellow of the puppies. He’s patient and doesn’t mind being the last one to be picked up for his hugs and kisses. Another great cobby, blocky boy.

We love all theses kids. They love to play and will include us occasionally in their antics. It’s been a little warm lately so they’re not getting outside as much as any of us would like. When they are outside they like to pick up sticks, weeds, and rocks. They carry them rather proudly after picking them up. I’m sure they’d bring them in the house if we’d let them :).