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August 2023 Update

Hello Shirescot Followers!

We do not currently have any puppies or “retired” adults available. We are hoping for puppies in 2024 and will update this site as we get closer.

July 2022 — We have 3 brindle male puppies that are ready to go to show homes. If this is you, call or send a message

2022 Update. We have 3 boys available to go to conformation show homes. They are all red brindles. They are out of Bizzy (CH CHARTHILL SHIRESCOT SHOW BIZ) and Bopper (GCHB CH MCVAN’S BIG BOPPER AT BEAMEUPS). I call the puppies the BizNBops 🙂

Current call names for these boys are:

Tank” (because he resembles a cement block). He is a wonderful boy, loves hugs and kisses (and animal crackers). He’s very blocky, cobby and has great shape. Tank is usually the first one to pick up because he (lovingly of course) knocks everyone out of the way. He’s “built” for show (and sound) and will be a great asset in a show home. I’ve always called him Tank, he was the biggest at birth and has stayed ahead of the others.

Mellow” (because I marked him with yellow after he was whelped so I knew who was who at a glance and I started calling him Mellow Yellow). He has a “beer foam” chin (every else calls this a milk chin — we’re different LOL) and a very small blaze on his chest. Mellow isn’t really all that mellow — it there’s an argument in their play area he’s usually the instigator. He is well “built” and ready for the show ring!

Fred” (I marked him with red after he was whelped so I knew who was who at a glance — and called him that until recently when I thought he should have a different name…and added the “F” in front of his name.) Fred is the most mellow of the puppies. He’s patient and doesn’t mind being the last one to be picked up for his hugs and kisses. Another great cobby, blocky boy.

We love all theses kids. They love to play and will include us occasionally in their antics. It’s been a little warm lately so they’re not getting outside as much as any of us would like. When they are outside they like to pick up sticks, weeds, and rocks. They carry them rather proudly after picking them up. I’m sure they’d bring them in the house if we’d let them :).

Shirescot Scottish Terriers – January 2022 update

Hello to everyone, and thank you for checking our site.

Unfortunately we do not have any Scottish Terrier puppies. We had zero litters in 2021 and are not expecting to have any in 2022.

Update – September 9, 2020

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest.

Scottie update as of September 9, 2020 — we placed all the puppies from the last litter (yay!) and have no puppies or older dogs available for placement at this time.

We do not expect to have any litters or available puppies until 2021.

Thank you!

November 2019 Update

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we currently do not have any puppies available. However, we have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow for a girl we co-own with a friend in Florida. We’re hoping that she’s about 4 weeks pregnant. Yes, that implies a Christmas litter! I will do my best to post more routinely, have been extremely bad about keeping up with all the Scottie News.

The puppies from the last litter, from Angus and Violet are all placed in wonderful homes. We had the chance to visit with Alex in October and see Dumpling (now Tilly) every 5 weeks or so for grooming. She’s growing up nicely and loves her new home. Uno stayed with us and will soon be traveling with a handler to start showing some time during 2020. He’ll be more socialized (he loves people!) and used to seeing more people, dogs and “things” which helps prepare him for his time in the show ring. Pink (now Ellie) is doing very well in her home and will potentially start showing in 2020. We’re thrilled that two of the pups from this litter will be on the show circuit soon working to earn their championships. Yay!

We are hoping to breed Edith this spring and Lil next summer. I’d hoped to breed Lil when she next came into season (expected in January) but she surprised me and came into season this last week which would potentially pup two litters within about 5 weeks of each other. We did that once and decided that it was more work than we’d signed up for and have chosen to not go that route again. I expect Edith to come into season in March/April and now Lil in May/June. That would potentially give us litters in May/June and July/August. A little crowded, but certainly doable. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and keeping us in mind.

Updates posted to the August 31, 2018 message

Hello all! It’s a beautiful day today. Our August 31, 2018 update is all about Edith! and Hope! and Lil!

  • Edith —

[4/6/19] UPDATE: Edith is once again with a handler to finish her Grand Championship.  She and Junior have yet to get their schedules completely in sync for breeding, but we’re very optimistic that 2019 will be their year.

(This is older information) Tomorrow I will drive Edith (CH Shirescot Matilda of Scotland) to New Jersey to meet with one of our handlers. He is currently handling the dog we plan to breed her to — Junior (MBIS MBISS GCHC Woburn Barbary Iron Man HOF). Junior is currently the number one Scottish Terrier in the US and number 7 Terrier in the US. We are proud to breed to him — I’ve been planning to get these two together since last October when I had an opportunity to meet Junior. I had another chance to see him this spring and still love his body type. Junior’s owners and I all believe this will be an excellent match. I know I said I didn’t want to have two litters on the ground at the same time ever again, but things change :).

  • Hope —

[4/6/19] UPDATE:  Hope and Darby presented us with a wonderful litter of 4 puppies. One girl and three boys.  We named them after some of the characters in the TV series “Cheers.”  Diane is now Aila and lives in California.  Sam now lives in Canada.  Norm is having a great time in York, PA, and Cliff stayed with us.  Cliff is currently out with a handler (they are seven months old after all) and will be entered in a couple of shows over the next month or so.  Norm should be out with a handler this summer.  Sam and his new owner and looking for a handler that lives near them (near Rochester, NY in Canada).  I don’t have a specific update on Aila’s show debut, but I’m sure we’ll see her out there fairly soon.

(This is older information) Another update — I am “mostly” positive that Hope (GCH Shirescot Ray of Hope) is pregnant. Our waiting list for puppies is long and hopefully everyone is patient. Hope is due around the 15th of September and I have an appointment scheduled on the 12th of September for an x-ray so we can count skulls and spines to see how many puppies we should expect during whelping. We wait until they’re close to their delivery date so that bones are more visible (calcium presence). We’re all excited by this breeding also — We bred her to Darby (BIS GCHP Woburn Camelot Unbridled Spirit) for the third time and are hoping we’ll get a good litter (her last two litters produced Edith and Lil (CH Shirescot Glimmer of Hope)). Third time is a charm, right?

  • Lil —

[4/6/19] Update:  Lil is having a great time here at the house.  She misses all her siblings, but we’ve reassured her that Edith and Cliff will be home soon.  She’s not quite ready to go back in the ring for her Grand Championship, but we’re optimistic that she’ll be back out on the circuit this fall.

(This is older information) Okay, one more update — Lil earned her Championship this month (!). She is now CH Shirescot Glimmer of Hope. I thought she would finish her Grand Championship this month, but she ran into some stiff competition on her last outing. So, four day shows this weekend and we are expecting good things from her. I’m certainly hoping to announce her Grand next month.

Have a wonderful Shirescot Day!


August 2018 News

Shirescot August 2018 News. New Champions and soon to start showing.

Hello everyone. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Time seems to get ahead of me too many days to count 🙂

We currently do not have any puppies or retired show dogs available. We did breed Hope in July and hope (!) she will have a litter in September. We won’t know anything for sure until about the 10th of September, but believe she is expecting.

New Champions!

Lil (Shirescot Glimmer of Hope) finished her Championship earlier this month (8 calendar weeks to the day), and is well on her way to completing her Grand Championship. We expect her to finish her GC later this month, and if she does she’ll beat her mother Hope’s record (nothing to GC in 3 months). It’s so much fun to see her…either in person or through a video sent by friends. She’s such a lovely girl and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Edith (Shirescot Matilda of Scotland) is home after finishing her Championship earlier this year. We brought her home instead of keeping her on the road because she simply needs more time to mature. So, we’re keeping on eye on her and plan to breed her the next time she comes into season (any day now). I’ve had my eye on a special boy since last year. He’s done well and is currently the #1 Scottie and #7 Terrier in the country. Couldn’t be happier with my pick…from when he was an “unknown” until now. Absolutely great lines — both the dog himself and his genealogy. He’s co-owned by the same folks who own the boy we’ve bred Hope to. Yes, it is a small world 🙂

A girl we co-own (“Magnolia”) earned her Championship and Grand Championship this year. She’s such a sweet girl.

Well, thanks for listening to me rave about our kids. We have several more Scotties that we co-own and they are either newly on or are almost ready to hit the show circuit — keep your eyes pealed for “Pollyanna,” “Olive,” “Wallace,” “Bentley,” “Simone,” “Bizy” and “Violet!”


April 3, 2018

Today is April 3, 2018. I am working to fix notification errors — apparently folks have submitted messages to us but they’ve not gotten through. I will contact our webmaster today to see if she can determine what’s going on. Thank you for your patience and keep trying to contact us!
If you’ve completed the contact page but haven’t heard back from us I recommend you send your information directly to either (or both) of our email addresses ( and ( Please attach your questionnaire to speed the process of being added to our wait list.

Completed Questionnaire?

We’ve been tentatively adding interested people to our waiting list, but if you’ve not completed the questionnaire you’re not officially on the list.

Fillable Form2Shirescot Scottish Terriers Breeder Referral Questionnaire

Hello All and thank you for following us. Today is February 27, 2018.

Still no puppies — we’re waiting on Hope to come into season. Should be within the next month or so. Usually when one of the girls comes into season at least one other does at the same time. Edith has been in season since Valentine’s Day and is driving poor Harley crazy. If you’ve never heard that high pitch while or squeak of a male dog in “need” it’s not something you’ll forget! She should finish this cycle fairly soon and then things will calm down…until Hope starts it all over again. Our girl, Lil, is about 8 months old now and, well, she’s next. We’re not looking forward to three months of back to back to back seasons, but that’s one of the “benefits” of having the girls in the house :).

If you’ll note on several of our pages we ask that prospective puppy (and/or retired show dog) families complete a questionnaire. If you’ve not yet completed your questionnaire and sent it to us, please do so soon. Having the information we requested in that form available makes the transition process much smoother, and helps us pick the right show or companion dog for you. You can either complete it and attach it here to your messages to us, saving it to your computer in the process; you can complete it and send it to Lori’s email ( or you can print it out, pen and ink your answers and send it to us via USPS at PO Box 4594, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Thank you and have a very pleasant day,


Sno Pond’s (Something) at Shirescot

Introducing Sno Pond’s (something) at Shirescot

I picked up a beautiful brindle girl yesterday! Violet is a silver brindle like her mother (Thyme), her grandmother (Jenny) and her uncle (Harley). There may be a little red in there from her father (Calvin). She’s a little kissy face girl! And her tail goes about a mile a minute!! Violet has a broad front, good tail set and so far a great set of teeth. I’ll post a picture after she settles down (she won’t stay still long enough to get a good photo right now).

We picked the name Violet because there was a Scottish female poet named Violet Jacob (nee Erkskine). She was a poet, painter and a novelist, born into the House of Dun on the east coast of Scotland. She was born on September 1, 1863 and died on September 9, 1946. We found out after choosing her name that Violet’s breeder’s grandmother was also named Violet.

We’re looking for a show home for Violet — she definitely has show potential. She is out of Thyme (Sno Pond) and Calvin (Shirescot).

I was excited when I looked through her mother’s pedigree yesterday — there are dog names I recognize there from our previous line and our current line. It’s a small world!

Go Violet!

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