Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we currently do not have any puppies available. However, we have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow for a girl we co-own with a friend in Florida. We’re hoping that she’s about 4 weeks pregnant. Yes, that implies a Christmas litter! I will do my best to post more routinely, have been extremely bad about keeping up with all the Scottie News.

The puppies from the last litter, from Angus and Violet are all placed in wonderful homes. We had the chance to visit with Alex in October and see Dumpling (now Tilly) every 5 weeks or so for grooming. She’s growing up nicely and loves her new home. Uno stayed with us and will soon be traveling with a handler to start showing some time during 2020. He’ll be more socialized (he loves people!) and used to seeing more people, dogs and “things” which helps prepare him for his time in the show ring. Pink (now Ellie) is doing very well in her home and will potentially start showing in 2020. We’re thrilled that two of the pups from this litter will be on the show circuit soon working to earn their championships. Yay!

We are hoping to breed Edith this spring and Lil next summer. I’d hoped to breed Lil when she next came into season (expected in January) but she surprised me and came into season this last week which would potentially pup two litters within about 5 weeks of each other. We did that once and decided that it was more work than we’d signed up for and have chosen to not go that route again. I expect Edith to come into season in March/April and now Lil in May/June. That would potentially give us litters in May/June and July/August. A little crowded, but certainly doable. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading and keeping us in mind.