We currently have only one puppy here at Shirescot. Uno was first born in Violet’s (Sno Pond’s Static Electricity at Shirescot) litter of five. All the others (Alex, Tillie (was Dumpling), Angus and Ellie (was Pink) have found wonderful homes with excellent families. All these puppies are very special and we’re thrilled to have placed them. Uno, well all I can say is that he’s simply divine. He knows he’s bound for something great — you can see it in the way he postures himself when something captures his attention.


Uno is bound for the show ring and needs that special home in which to live. He’s a great boy, very brindled — almost a gold color — and we’re getting ready to register him as Shirescot Oro del Diablo. Yes, that is Fools Gold in Spanish. I chose that name because Uno is gold and devilishly handsome.

We really love this boy and are looking for a show home for him.

Show homes aren’t much different than pet homes except for keeping him intact and building his hard coat so he’s ready for the ring. Uno can grow up with you, then go to a handler if you’re not comfortable with showing him yourself. After his show career is complete he’ll return to you and be the best television watching, bed sleeping, face kissing, lovable boy out there.

We do ask that Uno remain intact (not be neutered) so that he would be available for stud services to anyone who saw him in the ring and wanted to use him to improve their blood line.