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June 27, 2019 Shirescot Puppy Update

Shirescot Puppy Update — we have two puppies left that are looking for homes. They were born on March 13, 2019. They’re 15 weeks old. The proud parents are Violet (Sno Pond’s Static Electricity at Shirescot) and Angus (CH Charthill Shirescot Angus MacFergus). Violet is a Calvin daughter. Angus is a Jenny son.

There were 5 puppies in the litter — 3 boys and 2 girls. Several of them have show potential, and one went to a home with owners that plan to show her.

When we place a puppy, we want them to go to homes that understand the terrier attitude. We want them in homes that understand the amount of work (and love) that went into bringing a litter of puppies into our home.

A show dog’s ring career is fairly short — once they’ve earned their championship (or grand championship for those rocket kids) they’ll come home and be the best buddy pet everyone is looking for.

When we breed, we breed for conformation. We want the best match for our girls (or our boys when someone calls to talk stud service). We also want the best match in homes — if you decide you want to show we’ll talk your ear off!

I’ve added photographs now of the crowd. This one is off all of them in their “bucket” — I use it for keeping them in one place while I clean their “hooch” or when we’re going outside. Much easier than taking them out one by one 🙂

Front to back – First row — Pink. Second row — Dumpling. Third row — Alex, Uno and Angus (Angus has the white beard).

Puppies in their “bucket”


This little guy was the first born and the name Uno jumped out at me. He is a nice golden brindle with a slight milk chin He’s gaining weight nicely and has a blocky body (exactly what you want in a Scottie). He’s adventurous and loves to explore when we go outside.

Uno is seriously looking for a show home — if that is you, come visit him and we’ll talk to you in depth about showing.

This is Uno in the yard


This boy is a black brindle with a milk chin. It is a big milk chin that I jokingly call a milk pitcher, and white blaze on his chest. And, although I’ve never seen this before (which really makes him unique) he has white hairs between his foot pads. He looks a lot like is father, Angus, so I’ve been calling him “Angus.” This guy is also gaining weight nicely. He’s a quick little fellow and loves going outside. It takes him a minute to get a good feel for his surroundings, but once he’s comfortable he’s off and running!

Angus found a wonderful home where he can walk with the goats and help with making pottery. His new family was very excited when they picked him up. He gave lots of kisses and caused a lot of giggles and laughs.

Angus in the yard


The third boy is also a black brindle. He has no white markings and his brindling (at this point) is subtle. This boy was selected by a wonderful couple who live near Philadelphia. They’ve decided that his name is “Alex.” Alex has a great personality — he’s a laid back kind of guy that will be an excellent sofa sitting, TV watching little boy.

Alex was very happy to see his people when they came to pick him up. I am assured that he’ll be spoiled rotten!

Alex in the yard


The first girl puppy is a black brindle. She was so close in coloring to her sister, I marked her head with pink so that I could tell them apart. I call her “Pink” because of that. Pink is a feisty little girl and won’t take “no” for an answer. She barks back “yes” as fast as she can! Pink loves homemade chicken broth more than anything else we put in front of her. She’s the more delicate of the two girls, but she makes up for that with her quick personality and speed out in the yard. She’s quite the girl!

Pink is very busy and it’s tough to keep her in one spot long enough for a good picture of her — so, at this point her best shot is in the bucket.

Pink is now Ellie (Shirescot’s First Lady Eleanor of Roxbury) and ensconced in her new home on Long Island. Another spoiled puppy!

Pink in the bucket


The second girl puppy is also black, but I’ve noticed some slight brindling to her coat. That may develop further as she gets older. She’s a very laid back girl — loves to lay on her back even in my hands — and will just lie there looking at me. She’s got a nice blocky body and is gaining weight very nicely.

Dumpling is still available to go to a pet home.

Dumpling loved exploring the brass collection on the porch. I found all these in Seoul, South Korea while I was on active duty.

As I’ve stated more than once, this is a great litter and these kids will make great pets for any home — whether they’re a show pup or not. Any dog’s show career is as long as you want it to be — Champion to Grand Champion Platinum. Some make it to their championship quickly, some take a little more time to grow up. They can certainly do their growing at YOUR house! Our girl Hope finished her Grand Championship (from nothing to Grand) in 3 months, only showing on weekends. Her daughter, Lil, finished her Championship in 3 weekends. Short career and then they’re back home with you, sitting by you on the sofa and sleeping in your bed.

Dumpling on the front porch

Today Hope’s son, Cliff (Shirescot Heathcliff Of Culloden Moor) won “Winner’s Dog” and 2 points toward his championship in a Terrier Show at Buck’s County, PA. We’re extremely proud!


Updates posted to the August 31, 2018 message


Shirescot August 2019 Update — it’s all about Uno!


  1. Rebeka A Knowlton

    What a lovely litter. Looking for a pup, liking Dumpling, Angus and Uno. We have a 15 yr old who would love to show, earthdog and lure. Any help would be greatly apprecuated

    • admin

      Hello. I am so sorry for the delayed response. We currently do not have anyone available, but plan to breed one of the girls this spring. That would mean that we could possibly have puppies available in the fall. Please stay in touch if you’re still interested in a puppy.


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