We’ve been tentatively adding interested people to our waiting list, but if you’ve not completed the questionnaire you’re not officially on the list.

Fillable Form2Shirescot Scottish Terriers Breeder Referral Questionnaire

Hello All and thank you for following us. Today is February 27, 2018.

Still no puppies — we’re waiting on Hope to come into season. Should be within the next month or so. Usually when one of the girls comes into season at least one other does at the same time. Edith has been in season since Valentine’s Day and is driving poor Harley crazy. If you’ve never heard that high pitch while or squeak of a male dog in “need” it’s not something you’ll forget! She should finish this cycle fairly soon and then things will calm down…until Hope starts it all over again. Our girl, Lil, is about 8 months old now and, well, she’s next. We’re not looking forward to three months of back to back to back seasons, but that’s one of the “benefits” of having the girls in the house :).

If you’ll note on several of our pages we ask that prospective puppy (and/or retired show dog) families complete a questionnaire. If you’ve not yet completed your questionnaire and sent it to us, please do so soon. Having the information we requested in that form available makes the transition process much smoother, and helps us pick the right show or companion dog for you. You can either complete it and attach it here to your messages to us, saving it to your computer in the process; you can complete it and send it to Lori’s email (loriwaite@aol.com) or you can print it out, pen and ink your answers and send it to us via USPS at PO Box 4594, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

Thank you and have a very pleasant day,