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August 2018 News

Shirescot August 2018 News. New Champions and soon to start showing.

Hello everyone. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Time seems to get ahead of me too many days to count 🙂

We currently do not have any puppies or retired show dogs available. We did breed Hope in July and hope (!) she will have a litter in September. We won’t know anything for sure until about the 10th of September, but believe she is expecting.

New Champions!

Lil (Shirescot Glimmer of Hope) finished her Championship earlier this month (8 calendar weeks to the day), and is well on her way to completing her Grand Championship. We expect her to finish her GC later this month, and if she does she’ll beat her mother Hope’s record (nothing to GC in 3 months). It’s so much fun to see her…either in person or through a video sent by friends. She’s such a lovely girl and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Edith (Shirescot Matilda of Scotland) is home after finishing her Championship earlier this year. We brought her home instead of keeping her on the road because she simply needs more time to mature. So, we’re keeping on eye on her and plan to breed her the next time she comes into season (any day now). I’ve had my eye on a special boy since last year. He’s done well and is currently the #1 Scottie and #7 Terrier in the country. Couldn’t be happier with my pick…from when he was an “unknown” until now. Absolutely great lines — both the dog himself and his genealogy. He’s co-owned by the same folks who own the boy we’ve bred Hope to. Yes, it is a small world 🙂

A girl we co-own (“Magnolia”) earned her Championship and Grand Championship this year. She’s such a sweet girl.

Well, thanks for listening to me rave about our kids. We have several more Scotties that we co-own and they are either newly on or are almost ready to hit the show circuit — keep your eyes pealed for “Pollyanna,” “Olive,” “Wallace,” “Bentley,” “Simone,” “Bizy” and “Violet!”



Shirescot Puppies! Calvin is an exceptional papa!


Updates posted to the August 31, 2018 message


  1. I noted that you have (sometimes, in the past?) retired show dogs. I am writing this in November 2019. We have had four Scotties. Our last died unexpectedly several months ago. He was twelve years of age. All of ours have been purebred Scotties and wonderful pets and companions. We have had two “pair”–our first were siblings, the most recent were not (but loved each other). Please send any information on availability. We ourselves are now 77 and 80 and are not in a hurry.
    Thanks very much! p.s. we live just outside of Kennett Square PA.

    • admin

      Hello. Thank you for your message and I’m sorry for the delay in response. We’re sorry about the loss of your Scottie. We become so close to them that it’s difficult when they cross the rainbow bridge.

      We do sometimes have retired show dogs that we place with families, but currently we do not have any available. We’re hoping to breed a girl or two this year, and may have puppies available in the fall. Please keep in touch in you’re interested in a puppy. It sounds, though, as if you’re looking for an older dog. Is there an age that you’re more comfortable with?

      I will try to send our questionnaire to your email so that you can complete it and then send it on to my husband at or to our address (PO Box 4594, Gettysburg, PA 17325).


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