Shirescot Scottish Terriers

A Big Dog in a Small Package

Shirescot Puppies! Calvin is an exceptional papa!

Shirescot Puppies — We collaborated with a breeder in Maine (Sno Pond) twice, breeding Calvin first to Thyme, then to her daughter Gabby.

This is Sno Pond’s Static Electricity at Shirescot – “Violet”  Violet is a result of the breeding of Calvin and Thyme.  We really like her and are looking forward to seeing her in the ring.  I traveled to Rhode Island and met Ann Davis at our friend and Handler’s home/kennel (Blackstone) (Geoff Dawson) to see this litter of puppies when they were 8 weeks old.  It was a gruesome trip for me personally because the transmission went out on our workhorse Ford Explorer as I drove from my hotel to Geoff’s home.  Had to have it towed from his driveway…and the shop told me it would cost more to repair than the vehicle was worth.  Traveled home in a rental and purchased a “new to us” Ford Explorer (Reuben) immediately after returning the rental.  Very happy with Reuben!

Oh, and very happy with the puppies — 4 boys and 2 girls; we took one girl — Violet.   We named her Violet for several reasons — there is a Scottish Poet named Violet; Her “collar” was light purple; and, Ann Davis’ grandmother’s name was Violet.  All around great call name for this beautiful girl.  Ann kept one of the boys, Sno Pond’s Power Surge (Surge) so Violet’s registered name will fit right in — Sno Pond’s Static Electricity.  How great is that?!


Violet after grooming

The second breeding (Calvin x Gabby) resulted in a litter of 5 girls.  5 Girls!  They’re lovely — mostly brindles but there’s one “almost” black that Ann intends to keep (depending on her conformation statistics as she gets older).  Not sure yet who we’ll take, but I’m looking forward to the drive to Maine later this Spring.   This next picture is the puppies at about 4 hours old.

Calvin x Thyme puppies

These are the five girls that Gabby and Calvin produced last Thursday, March 29, 2018.

We are simply thrilled with our collaboration with Sno Pond!  I’m looking forward to seeing this wonderful babies very soon :).

— Lori



April 3, 2018


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  1. The new Scotties (puppies) are beautiful Lori!

    Bentley is doing wonderful! He is soooo loving. How is Jeff and how are you?

    Yasmin and Michael

    • admin

      So glad to hear he is doing well. Happy puppies mean happy owners (and vice versa). 😊

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