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Current Information for Shirescot Scottish Terriers (no puppies available)

It’s been a bit of time since I last posted and I apologize for that. I’ve been focusing on quilting and chasing after the wee scots so have not posted any current information for our Shirescot Scottish Terriers.

At the current time we do not have any puppies or retired Scotties available for new homes.   We’re working from Hope’s schedule and are anticipating her coming into season in mid to late March.  If that is the case, she would be bred in late March to early April.  Whelping would potentially then be in late June or early July.  We would then wait until they’re about 8 weeks old to evaluate them for show potential.  We would really want to place any show potential puppies in show homes (if you’re interested we could send you a show home contract template).  Any companion puppies would then be announced here — after contacting those wonderful individuals/families on our waiting list.

Next weekend I expect to pick up a new addition to the Shirescot family — one of Calvin’s puppies in a breeding to Thyme in Maine.  Her name is Sno Pond’s Perpetual Motion at Shirescot — call name Violet.  We’re really looking forward to her joining our family.  She’s a lovely silver brindle and has definite show potential.

I’m also picking up CH Shirescot Matilda of Scotland — call name Edith.  Edith earned  her championship during shows in Florida!!  She also was selected Best of Breed as a “special” in her last show (a 5 point major!) — we’re so excited for her.  She is coming home to grow up a little bit before going back on the road to earn her Grand Championship.  We’re debating a fall 2018 or spring 2019 litter for her, so potentially puppies available in spring 2019 or fall 2019, depending on her schedule and availability of a suitable stud for her.  We have our eyes on a great looking boy living in MI.

That’s all I have for today — please keep us in your mind later this year for information on Shirescot Scottish Terriers.


Shirescot Puppies – new homes!

I just realized it’s been a long time since I posted anything about our Shirescot puppies.  So, here goes.  Both the boys (Wallace and Bentley) and two of the girls (Acorn and Olive (was Mousse) have  found new homes.  Ruthie is still with us, but she’s headed toward Piedmont, SC soon.

Wallace is very happy living near Pittsburg, PA.  He has a wonderful brother who doesn’t mind when Wallace uses him as a pillow. And vice versa 🙂


Wallace is using Rocky as a pillow

Taking turns as pillow

Rocky with his Wallace pillow


Bentley loves walks in the park.  Here he is with his Dad in Central Park on “Dog Day.”

Bentley Central Park

Bentley with a loving dad in Central Park

I wish I have photos of Acorn and Olive to post today but, alas, I don’t.  I’m working on it though!


Duke (now Darby) found a new home!

The house is getting quieter since Jeff delivered Duke (now Darby) to his new owner on Friday.  But, as I sit here writing this post, Moira’s crew is trying to make up for Darby’s absence by hosting a double wrestling match.  It seems as if we quiet one room and the other gets louder!

Darby accepted his new name with grace and then moved right in and started acting as if he owned the place.  According to his owner, Brian, he is an extremely happy puppy.   And to top it all off, the lucky boy has a new set of (human) grandparents who simply dote on him!

  • What a wonderful home!
    • Places to dig!
    • Plants to water!
    • Rocks to jump on!
Darby and Colby

Darby has a new big brother named Colby

  • An Older Brother!

Darby has a great companion/older brother (Colby) showing him the ropes around the house.  The picture shown above is their first meeting.  Colby is giving Darby the stink eye and wondering how he got so lucky with a cute brother.  Just look at that stance on Darby!

  • Plants!
Colby and Duke in the Hosta bed

Colby is making sure Darby doesn’t dig up any of the Hostas

Colby has been guarding the Hosta plants for quite a while, making sure the squirrels and other critters don’t dig them up or eat them.  Now he’s watching Darby very closely and explaining to him that he’s not allowed to dig there.

  • Yard work!
Darby helping clean lawn

Darby found a stick to carry around

Colby told Darby it would be okay if he helped Brian clean up the yard.  Here he is carrying a stick.  I’m guessing he didn’t carry it to the wood pile 🙂

  • Toys!
Darby with Green toy

Darby seems to love his new toy

I guess Darby told Brian that he would need new toys when he got to his new home. He seems to love this green toy (not sure if it’s a monkey or a duck).

Darby with chew toy

Darby has a wonderful thing to chew (the better to sharpen his “shark teeth!”

Everyone knows that puppies need to chew on things.  Brian planned ahead and made sure to have a nubby bone ready just for Darby.  What a great dad!

We’re really excited for this new puppy adventure.  Good luck to Brian and Darby!


Yesterday was the Puppies Grooming Day!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of grooming activity as Kelsey came to strip (and clip) the puppies. They all love her…except when she’s stripping them to encourage their hard coats to come in. Once they get used to it they won’t be so upset during the process. They’re stripped about every six weeks.

I took these pictures this morning — they’re not professional photos by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s fun to get the puppies outside and let them have fun.  Yesterday they were much too work out to much more than lay down in the yard and give me the stink eye!

The pictures are of both litters — Hope and Darby as well as Moira and Digger.  It’s very easy to tell them apart — Hope’s puppies are all black and Moira’s puppies are very brindled.

First up — Hope’s babies.  These puppies are all show quality youngsters.



Duke with fish lawn ornament


Duke on a rock in our yard



Joe looking up at the camera


Joe on a rock in our yard



Molly and a frog yard ornament


Molly on a grooming table



Lil in the driveway


Lil in the grass

Next up, Moira’s babies.  The two boys have found their forever homes, but are remaining with us until after they’ve had their second round of shots.  They’re all headed to the Montgomery County Kennel Club Dog Show near Philadelphia in October for evaluation and more socialization.

Bentley — Bentley is headed for New York City.  His Mom, Yasmin, will pick him up during the Montgomery shows.


This is Bentley on a rock in our yard.  It was a little warm so he didn’t want to stay on it very long.



Wallace in the driveway


Wallace says this is his rock and no one else’s



Profile Picture of Acorn on a grooming table


Acorn on grooming table



This is Ruthie standing on a rock in our yard


Another shot of Ruthie on the rock in the yard.  As you can see today was a warm day in Gettysburg!



Mousse sitting on my leg


Mousse’s behind

So, these are our kids — they’re wonderful little personalities!  It’s difficult to send them off into the world, but we’ve learned there is only so much square footage in the house……



Moira’s Brindle Puppies

Moira’s litter of puppies is now 7 weeks old.  They won’t be available to go to their forever homes for another 5 weeks, but everyone interested is welcome to contact us and set up a meeting to see and play with them after they’ve had their first shots (next week).  Moira and Digger (puppy sire) are both brindles, Moira more red than Digger.  All the puppies are brindled, although it’s tough to see the brindling on “Bentley.”  He is definitely a black brindle.

Today was a beautiful day outside so we took the puppies out to have a good time in the grass.  They enjoyed it very much and are now taking the “big nap.”


Moira's Puppies - This is Little Man in Grass

Bentley in the grass

This first pic in our puppies library is the puppy named “Bentley.”  He is the smallest in size, but he has a big heart and is full of spunk.  He’s a black brindle…more black than brindle.  After Bentley has had his second round of shots he will be moving to Manhattan and living with his new mom, Yasmin.  We’re really excited for him!!

Moira's Puppies. This is Little Man in grass

Bentley negotiating the grass

This is another picture of Bentley.  He holds his tail up, but likes it to arch (which looks like a bend).  Very sturdy, very cobby little boy.

  • Acorn
Moira's Puppies. This is Acorn in the yard

Acorn out in the world

We call this little girl “Acorn” because she was the smallest of the puppies.  She is rapidly catching up to her brothers and sisters.  She’s a red/black brindle.  More red than black, and all over brindling.  One of her brothers (Wallace) has a black mask, but Acorn does not.

This is a video of Acorn having fun in the yard.  She’s a lovely, loving little girl.  Always full of kisses and chin hugs (paws on both sides of human chin while licking face).  We really enjoy her!

Moira's Puppies. This is Acorn in the grass

Acorn in the grass

She’s a great girl!

  • Mousse
Moira's Puppies. This is Moose in the Clover

Mousse in the clover

We call this girl “Mousse” because she’s has a nice black (chocolate)/red coat.   She’s very cobby and simply a lovely puppy.  She’s usually one of the first pups to greet me in the morning, standing up so she can get the first hug of the day.

Moira's Puppies. This is Moose

Closer look at Mousse

Mousse has a fun milk chin.  She’s a real beauty!

  • Wallace
Moira's Puppies. This is Wallace in the grass


This is Wallace.  He’s a lovely brindle boy – with a small milk chin and a black mask.  He’s very loving and enjoys running in the grass.   As soon as he has his second round of shots he will travel to his new home in Pittsburgh, PA.  His new Mom, Lesley is very excited and is really looking forward to Wallace moving in (and taking over their house).

Moira's Puppies. Thi is Wallace

Wallace in the yard

Wallace enjoys running and playing in the grass.  Very sweet little guy.

  • Ruthie

Ruthie is a black/red brindle girl.  She’s very sweet, loves her humans and gives very sweet kisses.

Moira's Puppies. This is a close shot of Ruthie

Ruthie close up

I took this picture to show her Ruthie’s red brindling.  She has a great tail and nice ears.  Very cobby (well, they all are) and low to the ground.

Moira's Puppies. This is Ruthie

This is Ruthie running in the yard

Ruthie is very brindled, but like her brother Wallace, she seems to have a black mask.  She is another of Moira’s red brindled puppies.


Jenny and Campbell’s Successes!

We published this picture in the Bagpiper Magazine.  We bred Jenny and Campbell twice, resulting in 6 puppies who all reached for the stars!

  •  First litter: Calvin, Harley, Cherie, Moira and Misty
  •  Second litter: Hope

We are extremely proud of our kids! 

Thrilled Beyond Words!

On April 1st, 2017, our boy “Calvin” (Charthill Shirescot Sir Cailein Mor of Campbell) won Best in Specialty Show at Dayton!  This is his “unofficial” photo.  With him is has handler, Geoff Dawson.  Photo taken by Rebecca Cross.

Calvin after Best in Specialty Show (BISS) win in Dayton

Calvin after Best in Specialty Show (BISS) win in Dayton

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