I just realized it’s been a long time since I posted anything about our Shirescot puppies.  So, here goes.  Both the boys (Wallace and Bentley) and two of the girls (Acorn and Olive (was Mousse) have  found new homes.  Ruthie is still with us, but she’s headed toward Piedmont, SC soon.

Wallace is very happy living near Pittsburg, PA.  He has a wonderful brother who doesn’t mind when Wallace uses him as a pillow. And vice versa 🙂


Wallace is using Rocky as a pillow

Taking turns as pillow

Rocky with his Wallace pillow


Bentley loves walks in the park.  Here he is with his Dad in Central Park on “Dog Day.”

Bentley Central Park

Bentley with a loving dad in Central Park

I wish I have photos of Acorn and Olive to post today but, alas, I don’t.  I’m working on it though!