Had Hope’s girls out in the yard this morning. They’re just goof balls. Everything is fun to chase and oh! that lovely grass!  These two girls are available right now to go to new homes.  They both show great ring potential.  They both also like to sit on the sofa and watch television.  They argue and fuss with each other during the day but tend to sleep right next to each other when they’re napping and at night.

  • Lil (AKA Lilliput) —

This first video is of Lil.  She’s all black, great front and tail set.

Lil is available any time to move to a new home.  We’ve debated keeping her since she really needs to be in a show home.  Lil is energetic and feisty.  Her biggest thrill is teaming up with Molly to flip their food dish over and then use it as a sled in their play area.  After breakfast this morning they flipped it right into their food dish.  Now to find a food dish as heavy as the water dish (it’s a huge crock that I found at Mast General Store in Asheville, NC).

I took these photographs of Lil yesterday afternoon.  She’s just a fun girl to have around.  All wiggles and giggles and kisses!

Lil on grooming table

Lil is mostly patient on the table

As you can see by these photographs, Lil has a great front and rear.  She’s a blocky girl!

Lil standing still

Lil is enjoying a rare moment of standing still. She’s a feisty girl who will enhance anyone’s life!  She’s available now!


  • Molly (AKA Good Golly Miss Molly) —

This second video is of Molly.  Molly is also all black and is available to go to a new home.  Molly has serious show potential and would do extremely well in the ring.  She’s taken well to a leash and is very food motivated.

Molly is usually the instigator of suspicious activities.  She’s the first to run to the side of their living space (their “hooch”) when we walk in the room.  She’s the last to stop unruly behavior when we’re watching unobserved.  Lil notices us first and stops what she’s doing but she doesn’t seem to nudge Molly to tell her to quit…so Molly goes on doing whatever (usually digging in their water bowl).  We love these girls a lot.

Molly table

Molly wondering what I’m doing

Molly is very curious and loves to explore new things.  She does well in our yard off-lead, but not sure I’d do that anywhere other than here at home.  She’d curious herself off with strangers… :).

Molly topline

Molly has good toplines and tail set. She’s ready, will and able to move to your home. Available anytime.

Molly is a great little girl.  She wiggles a lot when she’s on the sofa with us watching television, but likes the attention.  Some commercials catch her interest and we wonder if she knows what’s going on (she’d probably have a better idea that we do sometimes).  Molly is ready to go to her forever home. Whoever gets this girl will never have a dull moment!