Hope had a wonderful litter of 5 puppies (3 male, 2 female) on June 3, 2017.  All of them are black although there are some brindled hairs on their feet.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise since Hope’s mother, GCH CH Charthill Worldly Ayre (Jenny) is a beautiful silver brindle.

This picture is the pups at 19 days of age.  It was tough getting all five of them to face the camera at the same time.  They all have minds of their own and are working to develop their personalities.

For the most part they’re outgoing and are showing the tenaciousness of a true Scot!  I swear one of them growled at me this morning as I was placing their first “gruel” meal in front of them.

Love them all!

19 days Hope

Hope’s Puppies at 19 days of age